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Our herbal tea blends have been specially formulated by Bay Area based western herbalist:

Krista R. Herbe, RH(AHG) is an Energetic Clinical Herbalist, Educator, and Healing Guide with a deep connection to the natural world. In private practice she creates holistic wellness plans for individual clients to transform chronic dis-ease on a cellular level. Krista leads community herb walks, classes, and mentorships in wild and urban places, guiding students in creating relationships to plants as medicine to empower their own healing and serve their communities. With a focus on blending the spirit of traditional healing with the science of modern Western Herbalism, she works to awaken our individual ancestral connection to medicinal plants and the world around us. Her practice focuses on healing auto-immune, hormonal, and skin dis-ease, supporting people living with cancer, and connecting clients to herbal companions for life transitions.

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