A white ceramic bowl with a geometric design sits in the middle of the photo on a wood table with a wooden spoon on its right and a bunch of herbs on its left. The soup is based in bone broth - so a clear brown liquid with vegetables.

Cordycep & Burdock Root Miso

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This soup offers a powerhouse of ingredients that show promise in body strengthening, tumor fighting, and blood sugar balancing. Cordyceps are a type of fungus that have traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to address a variety of health ailments, burdock root carries an abundance of minerals and antioxidants. We are excited to offer this unique soup that is nutritionally powerful and offers an earthy and nutty flavor profile.

Ingredients: beef bone broth OR vegan mineral broth, burdock root, cordyceps, organic & gluten free garbanzo miso, ginger, kombu, garlic, mineral salt

24 ounces